Grading - Club Scrutineer contacts

Club Approved Members for Safety/Grading Checks (scrutineering):

Any of the people listed below should be able to scrute/check your vehicle and issue a sticker (either first time or upgrade as required).

  • Tim Warburton 09-810-9894 or 027-271-1687
  • John Harvey 027-292-6829
  • Brian Harvey 027-224-6315

Please note that we will have at least one Grading Day per year where anyone can attend without prior arrangement.

If you cannot attend the event(s) you will need to make an appointment with one of the Approved Members; (Note: at THEIR convenience)

Multiple vehicles (lucky you!)

If you have multiple Land Rovers there is no requirement that each one has to have its own complete set of gear - but some common sense should apply in respect of attachments to the chassis !