Dome Forest Adventure

Event date: 
Sunday, 4 November, 2018 - 08:30 to 16:30

So, you think you know this part of the world?

This is a 2 -part forest run into the Pine Dome Forest, between Warkwarth & Wellsford

Grade 3 tyres with minor bush marking likely. Expect to air down tyres.


Meet at the Z Petrol Station SH1 (just north of Warkworth).  Departure time 10.00am ~sharp

2 x Optional Convoy Routes to get to Warkworth

1. Via SH1 - meet at BP Autobahn SH1 Northern Motorway - leave there at 9.30am SHARP

2. Via SH16 - meet at Bottle-O at Huapai - leave there at 9.15am SHARP


~Plan to travel to the eastern side directly from SH1 (ie. turning across traffic)

Safety Briefing will be once we are ALL off SH1 onto Waiwhiu Rd. 

Then, basically are large loop around the eastern block heading northwards & back around southwards to SH1 (but further north tha where we started from).

Then, travel south back to Saunders Rd. (crossing SH1 traffic again) & onto the western side.

This side is more intense with many options available.

Planning to end on Hudson Lane, Kaipara Flats some time after 4.00pm



Bees are in force - if you think you have an alergy, pack medication with you.

Poison stations  are in place ~therefore would not recomend to bring dogs.

Leader is John Harvey & has planned a route through some varied terain to suit most truck levels.

Trip organiser Bruce ~ on 021 637 400 or email