Club email system

Club email system

When you are first signed up, we will add your email address into the Club's email system. You will then receive an email confirming you have been added together with a password.
Don't worry about the password - unless you want to change options (see below).

From then on you will receive copies of emails posted by other Club members; all of them!

Primarily, we use the system to post details of new runs, updates, changes and other 'important' things.

If you want to post out to the group then use the address: ''


  • By all means send mail out to the Club with questions, advice of a possible run and the likes of "what size spanner fits that odd -sized nut on my Series gearbox?" 
  • If you have stuff which is probably better posted on Farcebook, Snapagram or whatever... then post it there yes
  • When you reply to a Club email, please check that you are replying just to the person who posted the message.

PLEASE be careful when posting your original email; everything you say is made public to all members, and is searchable via Google's magic. surprise


There is an option to control the number of emails you receive.

Initially by default, you will  receive every email posted by others in real time. If you wish you can change this option so that you only receive 'digests' of all the mail posted over a measurable period.
Please note though that you might miss the immediacy of emails where members offer stupendous bargains like "1948 80" Series I, WOFd and Regd, free to good home" surprise

How to change to Digest option:

Go this webpage and select your options (scroll down if need be) . If you don't use your password you' ll be prompted, and if you've forgotten it , you''ll be prompted to enter your mail address and a new one will be sent.







Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest?