Club Rule Changes 2019

This page has a draft of the new rules for you to download as a PDF. This version is after the general meeting on March 4th where we resolved to allow proxy votes.

Do download and read it before we vote in May. Read more here on family and day memberships.

On March 13 we clarified family members can take only one vehicle. We added the clause in bold Family membership pays only one Association affiliation fee and may take only one vehicle on any given run.

New By-Laws

We do have existing by-laws

At the AGM we will ratify these two by-laws. They were in the current constitution but we feel they are better suited as by-laws.


a. The club shall conduct recces, rallies, field days, and excursions as desired. At every such function or activity, a TRIP LEADER and one or two Safety Officers shall be appointed and shall be in attendance for the duration of the activity.

b. The TRIP LEADER shall have absolute control and responsibility for the function and is required to report all irregular activities to the President.

c. The TRIP LEADER is to be advised of all visitors and non members participating in the event.


i. No recreational drugs are to be consumed by members, their associates and guests at any club events.

ii. No alcohol is to be consumed at any club driving events, this includes drivers, codrivers, passengers and spectators. However alcohol is permitted at social events and after any driving activities have finished for the day.

iii. Members are not permitted to undertake any driving activities where prescription drugs may impair their driving ability. This rule maybe relaxed at the discretion of the Committee and Safety Officers dependent on the nature of the event and with consideration of other members and the public’s safety.



a. No member of the Club shall carry on or about their vehicle or person any weapon, explosive materials or devices, hazardous substances whilst attending or participating in or at Club activities or functions.

b. If such devices or materials are required to be transported for use on non-Club activities before or after the Club function, they are required to be transported according to the relevant Laws and Regulations of New Zealand pertaining to the equipment or material.

Notes on new membership types

Notes on Family membership

In drafting a rule around family membership we looked at the NZFWDA rules as they:

  • Define what family membership is
  • Override our rules in places.

NZFWDA rule 25 (e) Affiliated clubs:

Every affiliated club shall have the exclusive right and control over the affairs of

that club, subject to these rules.


NZFWDA rule 4 a (iv)

If an affiliated club's constitution permits, ordinary members may nominate themselves as Family Members which may include partner and any dependent children of the family under 18 years of age. Family members shall have only one vote for each family membership and, unless a specific family member is nominated, only the first named adult member of the family may vote and is a member for voting purposes. Only one Association affiliation fee is payable for each Family Membership.


This got us thinking: Is nomination on a per motion basis. Can nomination be just before the vote or before the meeting starts? First named where? In club's membership list? Alphabetically? On a form registering to attend an AGM/SGM?


NZFWDA have overriding rules which means we have to act within their rules.

NZFWDA rule 26 Conflicting rules


Any rule, by-law or regulation of any affiliated club, which is in conflict with these rules, shall be invalid.


So even if LROCA wanted family members to be under 19, rather than under 18, that rule would be invalid.

Notes on Day membership

Day membership is tightly prescribed in the NZFWDA rules so we don't have to do much to include day members.

NZ4WDA rule 4 a (v) Day membership

If an affiliated club's constitution permits day members shall be temporary members of the Association in order to participate in an Association/Club event either as an individual day Member or as a Family Day Member (as per 4(a)(iv)) subject to:

(A) Day Members shall have the same benefits and obligations as ordinary members but without voting rights and may not hold elective office and may not hold a competition licence.

(B) Day Members shall pay a day membership fee (for either individual or Family day membership) to the affiliated club of an amount considered by that club as being appropriate and shall, upon payment of such fee be entitled to participate in an Association/Club event following which either:

  (i) The Club shall accept the Day Member as an Ordinary or Family Member or

  (ii) The Day Member declines (or is deemed to decline) to become an Ordinary Member of the Association/Club and may no longer participate in Association/Club events

(C) If the Day Member becomes an ordinary member the current applicable annual Affiliation fee shall be forwarded to the Association and the member shall pay such other Club membership fees as may be required by that affiliated club from time to time.


The fee for a day member would be set at our annual general meeting when setting subscriptions.