Kids Adventure Run

  1. Kids Adventure Woodhill Run for underprivileged children  
  • Organised by Shane Wilson as part of an ongoing adventure / camping event
  • Looking for 6x trucks to take out 1x child + care giver for a day
  • Trip Leader is Graeme Williams 

Te Rau Puriri Planting Day

Great family day out!

Meet  @ Kumeu Bakehouse & plan to leave from there no later than 9.00am  in convoy to Te Rau Puriri Regional Park for planting day.

Bring your gloves & good boots 

Further details to follow

Grade #1 only

Option on the day

There is a little 4x4 Paper Road diversion approx. 5minutes from the park

- take approx. 1x hour extra 

Grade #2

Please sign up below.........

Karioitahi Beach Mother’s Day Beach Run

Putting together a Mother’s Day  Run to Karioitahi Beach, Waiuku , South Auckland  on Sunday 8th May

All grades welcome , from novice to hard core

Excellent opportunity to let that special lady in your life have a drive of your LR .. ( Or even bring their own LR )

Meeting point BP Southern motorway at 7.45 am

We will leave at 8 am sharp

Low tide is at 8.40 am and High tide at 2.17 pm

Autumn Dome Forest Run

Due to the success of the last Run through Dome Forest, John Harvey is planning another before the onset of the boggy impassable winter months.

Planning go in @ Hudson Lane from Dairy Flat & drive through to SH1 in the Dome Valley itself.

Cross over SH1  into the Eastern side & though a number of sections around north to SH1 south of Wellsford.

Some good muddy sections & therefore Mud tyres + winch are needed.

Note also: We have extended the invitation to members of the Manukau Four Wheel Drive Club.

Grading Day

Northwest Shopping Centre (TBC)

Bring items

1. your best / muddyest wheel to get the highest Grade sticker

2. Recovery straps 

3. Fire extinguisher - new ones will be available for purchase by Fire Enginner

4. 1st Aid Kit

5. Spade & saw


Usual Covid Stuff........

a. Tracer app

b. Mask

c. Vax. Bar code



Dome Forest Day Run


Grade 3+ expected

Possible Body Scratches

Meet @ Kumeu Bakehouse 8.30am

& leaving 8.45-am to convoy to Dairy Flat to enter on the Western Side @ Hudson Rd.

Planning to cross over SH1 & bush track across to  Firth Rd. on the Eastern Rd & exit to the NE across from Wellsford.

Need all recovery gear etc. per full run.

Trip Leader is John Harvey on 0272 926 829